Month: April 2015

Not Kahwin Related but Please Read, Ladies!

As I have mentioned in the previous post (Yeay Nak Dapat Rumah!), I’m sorry for the long hiatus. I was down with some health issues that I myself was not aware of having.

You see, as women we have 1001 health issues especially when it comes to our reproductive organs. We confuse pain with normal period cramps, we think pain in the lower back is just another of our usual cramp episodes, we think it is normal that our period flows are heavy. I mean seriously, how are we to know if our flow is heavy or extra heavy?! We don’t go around comparing our sanitary pads with other women or bringing up topics such as “How heavy is your period flow usually?”. Now that can be a very awkward situation, right?

As for me, I have always had really bad period cramps/pains. I didn’t notice that it actually worsen over the years. Now these were slow changes, something that you won’t really take notice of closely because yeah, your period is only once a month. Then I realised over the past few months, it got so bad that I couldn’t even get up on some mornings when I was having my period. There was once I curled up on the floors of my workplace because the pain was too unbearable, I swear I was perspiring, trying to catch my breath so I could calm down.

Then one or two months after that, I had the worst lower back pain ever! Same goes! I couldn’t get out of bed, or worst! I wasn’t even able to shut an eye at all at night. I was constantly awake, trying to find a good spot on my bed. To the point I threw out my old bed and bought a new one!! I remembered crying on the phone to my fiance in the wee hours telling him how the pain was so unbearable, it felt like needles poking at my lower back. He had to even bring me to the A&E at 430am in the morning for an xray and a shot of painkiller but still, they didn’t say what it was. Just another muscle pain perhaps.

A month after that, I went to the doctor after experiencing period cramps for more than 3 days. On my usual cycle, my cramps will last for 2 -3 days max. When I was at the doctors, he examined my lower abdomen and noticed there was a lump-like thing there. Of cos, this was news to me. I did noticed my tummy become slightly bigger, but I thought it was only because my appetite is increasing. The doctor then gave me a referral letter to get myself checked at the polyclinic. This led to weeks and months of waiting for ultrasound scans and results. Back and forth to the polyclinic, I swear it was tiring. The result showed that I have a cyst near my right ovary measuring 11cm big. I cried the day I got this news. Wild imaginations ran through my mind. God knows what it could be. I then had to wait 3 weeks for my appointment with the KKH Specialist.

Let’s cut it short. Right now, I am on post-op hospitalization leave of 1 month. I just returned from a major op that I had last Tuesday to remove not 1 but 2 cyst. The other one was right at my left ovary but Alhamdulillah, it didn’t cause any damage to my left ovary. I was hospitalized for 4 days post-op for the doctors and nurses to monitor my condition. I couldn’t eat, I would vomit, I couldn’t walk or even go to the toilet. It was really bad initially but I am really glad and I thank Allah for allowing me to live yet another day. Both cysts was successfully removed with no complications. However, that wasn’t the end of it.

One of my doctors informed me that I have a condition called endometriosis. Which is common but not many women out there are aware of it. He told me that the cysts they removed are endometriosis cysts which grew on top of each other and of cos overtime. This is due to the tissue lining that only grow inside of the uterus but outside as well, which caused the pelvic pain I have whenever I am having my period. He told me there are several ways for me to control the pelvic pain – through daily pills, a jab at my thigh that can last for 3 months and one other option that I couldn’t remember quite clearly. The doctor was mentioned that this endometriosis can come back in 2 – 5 years and that the changes of infertility is about 30 – 50% amongst women with endometriosis. If really I am not able to get pregnant, the only option as told by my doctors will be IVF (In Vitro Fertilization).

I am currently on Visanne, an oral endometriosis medication pill that helps to reduce both the painful symptoms of endometriosis and the lesions. It helps to decrease the amount of estrogen and thus, inhibits the growth or profileration of the tissue outside the womb. This pill can be taken for about 3 – 6 months, until I decide to get pregnant. Of cos, the doctors have urged me to try to get pregnant fast before the condition comes back.

As for now, I am well and back home recovering from post-op. The cystectomy I went through left stitches of about 7-8cm long. I have been urged by my makcik2 and mum to drink Fish Essence or more known as Pati Ikan Haruan dan Ginseng to help with the inner recovery of my organs. I make dua everyday and thank Allah for allowing me another chance in this world. Masyallah, it was an experience to go through it and I am not letting it dampen me. Insyallah, everything will be alright.

So, I share this story not to ask for your sympathy or writing it for the fun of it. I am writing about my endometriosis condition to make it aware and to urge women out there that if you experience the same pain as I do, please, please do not ever wait to get treatment because the earlier the detection, the less pain you will be facing.  Book an appointment with a gynae fast and seek help. This is a common condition, we are just not aware of it.



Yeay Nak Dapat Rumah!!!

Checked the HDB website this morning only to receive more good news! We have been called to select our flat on June 10th, 2015! Alhamdulillah!!! This is goods news for us especially from the recent events we had to face (and still facing). Albeit our queue number is above quota, we dua that HDB won’t cancel out on us before the date reaches. We are really hoping to get a home of our own so please make dua for us too!

Thank you!

p/s sorry for the long hiatus. I have been down with some health issues which I will blog about it soon.