Month: July 2015

Deciding on Bridal and Photographer!

The fiance and I finally decided on our Bridal Andaman and Photographer. Trust me, these two was not easy to decide on. There were so many good ones to choose from! Initially, I wanted to book Ishq by Norazee as our Bridal Andaman but unfortunately they were fully booked on that day. So, we then made a booking with Anggun by Mastura. We are very happy with the price and package they offered and many of our friends have taken their service before and we could see how good they are. Anggun by Mastura charges $3288 for 10hrs of service and 3 different outfits and accessories, which to be honest is quite worth it considering the fact that their service is really, really good! So Alhamdulillah, we made our decision and already reserved our wedding date with them. Next step is to book an appointment date with them.

We also decided on the photographer for our pre-wedding and actual day. Now, for this I was the fussy one. I was really looking for someone who can deliver excellent quality and has good professionalism. I was at first torn between Fandy Razak and Blissphotocinema. We all know that Fandy Razak is a well-known photographer in Singapore. I am always impressed with his work and the photos he usually posts on his instagram. However, my fiance thought that the price was abit steep for a wedding event. So I then suggested Blissphotocinema. Now, Fandy Razak offers $3500 for 10 hr event and 4 hrs outdoor shoot whereby Blissphotocinema offers $2830 for also 10 hrs event and 4 hours outdoor. Now, we have never had friends working with either of this photographer. I know that both are very good photographers but being the fussy one, I prefer choosing someone that I know and have seen in person. So the last photographer that came to mind was Nuruddynn of Naf Images. Just recently, one of our close friends did a pre-wedding photo shoot with him and we also a part of the whole process. We were able to see how Nuruddynn does his job and yes, he is definitely professional and very hardworking. He carried the heaviest load yet I never saw him sigh or complain instead he was the most ‘on’ amongst us. Another of our friend recommended him to us too. I emailed him and to my surprise they have a new package now! Naf Images offer $2800 for 10hrs event and 6 hours outdoor! GOOD DEAL, RIGHT? It didn’t take long for the fiance and I Β to make a decision. He was even prompt when replying our email. So so happy now that we have made a decision on a photographer.

So, Alhamdulillah! 2 things off the list (and many more to go) but at least that’s a first step considering how much I procrastinate to sit down and make wedding decisions.

Now I’m excited to do more bookings! HAHAH (:




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YEAYYYY!!!! So excited for our new home that will be ready end of 2016/early 2017, InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah, we never expected to be so lucky and get the chance to pick a unit even though our queue number was above quota. They even approved the HLE pretty fast!

On another note, both the fiance and I received new job offers. Alhamdulillah, the pay is much better and the job prospects are more promising. I will be teaching in a different school come this wednesday while the fiance has been on the new job for 2 weeks now. We are so grateful for being given so many blessings during the month of Ramadan. Syukur and all praises to Allah swt. Amin.