Wedding Shoes

Since the colours I have chosen for my wedding outfits are in the range of white/cream/yellowish gold, I thought that maybe I should find shoes that are in the same colour tone. I went all over town yesterday to look for nice wedding shoes and only managed to find a very shiny, glittery one from Pazzion in light gold at SGD89.90. I thought this would look perfect when paired with the yellowish-gold songket we will be wearing. I was so exhausted from looking for a plain white shoes that I gave up and Uber-ed home at 730pm. (Dah tua, cannot go on after 3 hours of walking in town. HAHA)

So, I went online to look for white shoes and stumbled upon the one pictured below on Polyvore. Clicked on it and sent me straight to Shein. So happy they had one in my size and to top it off, it only cost USD29.99 after discount. Better still, shipping is only USD4.99. In total, I only had to pay USD35.97 which is SGD48.20. Even cheaper than the one I got from Pazzion!

I’m really glad I got both shoes at such good prices without having to spend hundreds of dollars! More money to save for other wedding stuffs!



From: Shein


From: Pazzion

With Love,


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