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Berkat Tag

I finally got around to do the “thank you” tags for my berkat. Here’s how it looks like!

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 2.21.29 PM.png

Got my girlfriends to do some decision making for me on this one. I designed 4 different ones with different backgrounds each. We were all so fickle cos we liked the rest too. Ended up choosing this one cos it looks unique! The lady who is doing my berkat, Nadia likes it too! Hope it’ll look as good once printed out and tied onto the berkat!




Personalized Stamp

I was scrolling through Carousell and just had to get it. I’m sucha sucker for personalized items like this! Got it on Baisimu  for just $38 and they deliver pretty fast! I was thinking of stamping the back of each invitation envelope that I will be sending out.

They have many designs to choose from. I particularly like this one for the font and design. Can’t wait to put this into use!




For my favourite girls


A little something for my bridesmaids!

I am so excited for my bridesmaids to receive this small gift from me. I have had this planned for quite some time now. Initially, I couldn’t decide what to put inside and as usually, I got lots of inspirations from Pinterest. Just hope the girls will love it!


Groomsmen Pin

Hands down the most beautiful and well-crafted handmade pin I’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 10.07.29 AM.png

Photo by: Commonhands

Z and I immediately fell in love with these when we saw their instagram and decided to get them for his groomsmen. Price is at $35 each and you can customise the names and even change the design if you like. What better way to celebrate Z’s dedication to his job and this country by sharing it with his best mates! Can’t wait to see the final outcome already!


Wedding Shoes

Since the colours I have chosen for my wedding outfits are in the range of white/cream/yellowish gold, I thought that maybe I should find shoes that are in the same colour tone. I went all over town yesterday to look for nice wedding shoes and only managed to find a very shiny, glittery one from Pazzion in light gold at SGD89.90. I thought this would look perfect when paired with the yellowish-gold songket we will be wearing. I was so exhausted from looking for a plain white shoes that I gave up and Uber-ed home at 730pm. (Dah tua, cannot go on after 3 hours of walking in town. HAHA)

So, I went online to look for white shoes and stumbled upon the one pictured below on Polyvore. Clicked on it and sent me straight to Shein. So happy they had one in my size and to top it off, it only cost USD29.99 after discount. Better still, shipping is only USD4.99. In total, I only had to pay USD35.97 which is SGD48.20. Even cheaper than the one I got from Pazzion!

I’m really glad I got both shoes at such good prices without having to spend hundreds of dollars! More money to save for other wedding stuffs!



From: Shein


From: Pazzion

With Love,

Corsage Ideas

Currently looking through ideas for my bridesmaids corsage. Made an order with Cherriesmitten but have yet to give them an idea on how I would like the corsages to be customised. As always, went to Pinterest to look for some ideas and here’s what I’ve found:


2f08540d5a45dc0d2a2c8b3d15d0773b.jpg  551878a0db2cbc938221177b1222a034


Wrist corsages:

2af55450cb00a1ed88798916b6c19960.jpg  8cdbf8b089171cf04b8f7ce0b2bce7e0  49a5017175e22aecfddfa41e462d5749.jpg

3b03f73c8ab847e3c090c608a35a4bb8.jpg   Theresa Furey Fine Art Wedding Photography

7c1a78f850cb062f50448c7b81821c4d.jpg   19b53394fda404d9f384e5c0e319a99c.jpg

I would most likely customise a corsage that looks like the last 4 pics above. So simple yet very elegant without having big, chunky flowers. I’m sure my bridesmaids would love it as well!

Time to send my ideas to Cherriesmitten then!

With love,


Sneak Peek of the Invitation


Yeay! My wedding invitation is all set and ready for collection. Thank you KadLawo!

Initially thought of customising my wedding invite. As some of you may have read my earlier posts, I drafted some designs I would like to use for my invite. Then I lost my thumbdrive and all the drafts got lost along with. I got lazy and decided to just order them. HAHA!

Still very happy and contented with the outcome of this invite by Kadlawo and it was really affordable!

With Love,