After being together for 3 years, we are finally engaged! The date was 20th Sept 2014.

Earlier this year we couldn’t make up our minds as to whether an engagement is really needed. Or rather, I couldn’t make up my mind. You see, the thought of malay engagements have always been quite a fuss to me. The thought of exchanging gift trays, inviting guests, the thought of forking out money for all the nitty-gritties. I used to be the type who would say “Buang masa sey nak tunang-tunang ni semua!” (Waste time only all this engagement). Then I remembered an ex-colleague of me once told me “I got engaged as one of the ways to remind myself that I am getting married and I need to save. I basically use it as a motivation to keep on saving and planning.” Not too bad of an explanation, no?

So after much discussion, 6 months later, Z and I decided to take our relationship to the next level. We did the old school way whereby the guy’s side (his families and representatives) came over to my side to ask for my hand in marriage. Kononnya traditional lah, kan? Hahaha! Then, tadaa! We’re engaged!

It was such a rush, I swear! We only had 1 month to prepare. I got my mak andam on a last minute basis. Kak Nonie did my hair and make-up and even threw in accessories and veil for free! I wore my favourite lace mini kurung with a beige skirt. I wanted to look as simple as I can..but who am I kidding? Kalau nak simple buat apa ambil mak andam,kan? 

I diy-ed all of my gift trays. Bought everything – the trays, the flowers, the bunga rampai, styrofoams and all other items 1 week before my engagement. I even got the bunga rampai casing customized! HAHAHA! My mum was shaking her head saying I will be worst bride, expecting to get everything of the same colour when I only had a week left. I was going crazy spending a few nights awake just to finish up the trays. TOO AMBITIOUS SIA! In the end, I succumbed and asked one of my girlfriends and aunt to help me out on the night before the event.

I ordered macarons and push-pop cakes for the dulangs. Swear it was really delicious! I ordered them from Nora’s Cheezeday. Her prices are really affordable and she even customizes according to your colour preference!

So glad everything was done in a few hours! Was pleased with the catering that my bestfriend recommended. Big thanks to everyone who helped and attended my engagement! To all whom I did not have time to invite, promise you’ll get one for our actual day!

P.S.: Gambar kipas kat tepi is so unglamorous! It was so hot that day, I had one fan in my face and one next to me!




(Photos courtesy of Abg Dzul from EyeonShotz Production)