Before I Decide on a Wedding Decor Vendor

Now this is another issue that I have been having difficulties deciding..up till today. It would have been easier if it was a combined wedding but since we are doing it separately, it’s really hard to decide everything on my own. I can’t really make up my mind which vendor will be the best choice. My girlfriends told me it’s really up to me, depending on what and how I want my wedding to look like on that day as well as my budget. Paling important, is budget. No point nak ni, nak tu but kalau budget takda pun susah kan? If you have read my previous posts on Wedding Inspirations (Part Uno & Part Deux), you would know roughly what I want to include in my wedding. As always, I want it to be something simple and elegant. I have two themes in mind – Beige & Gold/Bronze or Dusty Blue/Grey or Sea Foam.

I have seen some wedding decors in Singapore that do such spectacular jobs! But of cos, spectacular jobs come with a price too. So before deciding on which wedding decor vendor to engage, here’s some tips and pointers and make a list to follow through in the decision making:

1. Stay on point: Make sure your know very well how you want your wedding to look like and stick to it. Changing your ideas all the time will make it harder for you to decide.

2. Find Inspirations: Print out or cut out any pictures of wedding decor inspiration you would like your wedidng to look like in terms of the drapes, lights, dias, chairs etc. This makes it easier when you want to show your vendor the ideas you have in mind.

3. Decide on a theme: Know what and which theme you want for your wedding – Nautical/Dreamy/Rock and Roll etc. And also the colours for your wedding, it will be definitely easier! Once you have decided on your colours and theme, everything else will fall in place! Having a theme will also helps in deciding which vendor you like to engage in as you can know if the vendor can do the best job in delivering the theme you have in mind.

4. Enquire: Make sure you enquire all the vendors you have in mind before deciding. This way you can compare the prices as well as the services and decors they offer.

5. Have a budget in mind: This is the most important – Know your budget! Having a budget will determine how you can go about deciding on the wedding theme you want. At the same time you can decide on the vendors this way as well! These pointers will definitely help me in deciding the vendors I can engage in.

I do have a few vendors in mind that I am interested in like ISS Weddings, Anggun Decor, Jannah Daun Dco and Jentayu Wedding Gallery. Recently I emailed these vendors to enquire about their prices. ISS Weddings offer $2888 to $4000+ for their basic packages, Jannah Daun Dco offers $3200 for void decks/mph with additional costs for wrapped pillars, and $7000 package that includes chivalry chairs, whole ceiling coverage and any theme and design you want to do. Jentayu Weddings Gallery on the other hand offers a wide range of packages and theme starting from $5000, pengsan kejap bila baca hahaha! Kasai Sayang only provided 1 package costing $5500 while Anggun Weddings provided overall packages of decor + catering at $21000.

I have always loved the decors that Kasai Sayang and Anggun does but since I have a budget to stick to, I am choosing ISS Weddings. Their decors are gorgeous and I really like the work they do, so neat and professional. Just look at the photos below: 935511_478124522270130_2504787_n





(Photo: Source)

I especially love the decors they did for the first and last photo. SO GORGEOUS!!!! Now, let’s hope they can give me what I want. (:




Before I Decide on a Bridal Andaman

I am at wit’s end trying to decide which bridal I should choose. To be honest, there are just too many to choose from! I have been told from many family and friends that I should be doing my bridal bookings now before they increase their charges. I have made several enquiries from bridals that caught my eye – either through facebook pages, reviews, instagram or when a family/friend engaged these mak andams for their occasions but what’s the use of enquiring if I just can’t seem to decide which to choose from!

I am, as I have always been, a very indecisive person especially when I know there will be quite a bit of money spent on this. Therefore, I have been following these few pointers to (hopefully) help me with my decision:

1. Price range– macam orang melayu kata: ikut kemampuan. It has to be affordable. This has been the main reason why I still haven’t made any decision yet. I want the bridal I choose to be affordable (not in a cheapo kinda way) but at least easy on the pockets ya know.

2. Suit my style/preference – Must at least have the kind of dresses that I would love to wear. Nothing too fancy, too bright, too colourful. Just simple and elegant for both the traditional and western attires.

3. Make-up artist: Aside from the price range, the make up artirst (MUA) that I will be working with has to be someone I can get along with and also professional. At the same time, their make-up styles have to be good too, and as always – simple.

Now, I may be indecisive but I do have a few that I’ve enquired about the packages they offered. The few ones I have in mind is Putih Bridal, Anggun by Mastura, Padi Bridal, and Ishq by Nora Zee. Here’s some photos from each andaman vendor

 Putih Bridal

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.45.12 pm

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.47.29 pm

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 3.48.02 pm

(Photos: Source)

 Anggun by Mastura




(Photo: Source)

Ishq by Nora Zee




(Photo: Source)

Hurghhhh Nora Zee why you killing meeee? So cantik all your face works!

So this are the 3 that I have been considering very, very hard on. As you can see, all 3 did such awesome jobs on the brides! (you can find the links to their profile in my directory tab). Now, you tell me how do I go about choosing!!! I only have up until March and I will have to start booking and do my first payment before the date I want get chopped! Mati, mati…


Wedding Inspiration Part Deux: Dusty Blue Theme Wedding

For months on end I have been planning (in my head) that I would love to have a Beige and Gold theme wedding. That means, everything will be in beige and gold – my dais, my venue decor, the cake, the table settings, berkat, bungai rampai, everything; until I went on Pinterest last night and found a new love for the colour Dusty Blue. Now I know, my mother will be the first to say that it’s gonna be a very “orang sakit” (sick person) colour but there’s something very endearing about the colour. I can already imagine my dress, my cake, my decor all in dusty blue with a tinge of gold. Hmm…


(photo: Source)


(photo: Source)

Dusty blue wedding invites….


(photo: Source)

Dusty Blue Bouquet


(photo: Souce)

My bridesmaids in Dusty Blue

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.35.48 pm

(photo: Source)

My cake in dusty blue and grey!


(Photo: Source)

Table settings in dusty blue


(photo: Source

You get the drift now… How lovely is this colour? I really would love to see my bridesmaid in a dusty blue dress and get my dais done in this colour too! I just need to find a decor company who is willing to do up everything in Dusty Blue. Suggestions, please!

Wedding Inspiration Part Un: Fairy Lights

Ahhhh…you can never go wrong with fairy lights! It’s the in-trend thing now for weddings to put up fairy lights all over the venue for that dreamy, vintage look and yes! I AM crazy about fairy lights and am already planning to put some up during my wedding. So here’s a few inspirations I got off Pinterest:



(photo source:


(photo source:


(photo source:

And some of fairy lights inspirations at weddings in Singapore!

(photo credit: Kiera Roxanne)

(photo source: The News Paper)