The past few months have been crazy. Settling a new class in the new term was absolutely exhausting. I come home from work/class each night and KO right after showering. Sometimes I forget that I only have 5 more months to the big day and I still have a long list of pending items to be done:

  • Door Gifts
  • Invitation Card
  • Bridemaid’s Dress
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Hantaran Items
  • Gift Trays decorations
  • Marriage Preparation Course
  • Wedding Cake
  • Bridal Henna
  • Corsages

I should seriously take some time to make bookings/orders for all these pending items. *cries silently*

Also, if anyone knows any photobooth vendors who does photo strips please let me know. I’m really loving the one by Hur Hur Paperie but they are charging $580 for 5 hours and I’m not sure if I would want to spend that much on just photobooth. DO LET ME KNOW! Thanks!




The queen of procrastination finally decided on a wedding decor vendor! Initially, I did decide on ISS Weddings but after much discussion with my family, we thought the price was abit much and that extra money could be put to other good use i.e. berkat, invites etc. So, I decided to go with Wed’Inc Petals instead. If any of you do not know, Wed’Inc Petals are the exact same people who used to run JSS Deco. Yeap! Jss Deco had so many good reviews and when I heard about Wed’Inc Petals’ Facebook, I’m sold!

12191915_1058944054157833_78476370907995627_n 12140655_1051690594883179_955702417457374752_n 12088527_1048420328543539_1640688577500039721_n 12002877_1034106549974917_3790799172550373321_n 11063716_1041018129283759_535534647327482073_o

(Photo Credit: Wed’Inc Petals)

My heart skipped a beat when I saw all these photos. My undying love for drapes and anything elegant! It makes the whole place so, so gorgeous that at one look, you’d think the weddings took place at some high class, lavish venue. I simply love how the drapes are all so elegant!! (Going crazy for awhile, here).

Anyways, the reason why we chose Wed’Inc Petals was definitely the price package they offered. To be honest, the price suits the budget that I am comfortable with. It’s close to $1000 difference from ISS Weddings. Of course, ISS Weddings offers very gorgeous decors as well! But if you have a budget to keep to, I strongly recommend Wed’Inc Petals. At first, I could not believe the package they offered and yes! They do have different types of packages that you can find that suit your needs. I actually went over the package list a couple of times to convince myself the price and the decors they were offering. It is too good to believe to be honest! If any of you are interested in the package list, do email me! I will be more than happy to give it to you.

So, I just set an appointment date with them. Initially they informed me that they were fully booked for the weekend of my wedding date. However,they mentioned that they are able to take up another slot if only I am agreeable to set up the decor 2-3 days prior to my wedding date, instead of the usual the day before set up. I was so happy!! So after discussing with my family about the package Wed’Inc Petals offered, I decided to book them for my wedding!

Can’t wait for my appointment with them! (:


Time to Panic

About 1 more year to go until the big day! That means, 12 more months and that also means 365 days more to go… And the amount of progress I’ve done? 20%. Seriously, what is wrong with me?! I am getting married for goodness sake. Time to really up my game and stop procrastinating!!!

Must seriously, and I mean, SERIOUSLY make time for wedding preps!

*panic mode on* 😱😱😱


Deciding on Bridal and Photographer!

The fiance and I finally decided on our Bridal Andaman and Photographer. Trust me, these two was not easy to decide on. There were so many good ones to choose from! Initially, I wanted to book Ishq by Norazee as our Bridal Andaman but unfortunately they were fully booked on that day. So, we then made a booking with Anggun by Mastura. We are very happy with the price and package they offered and many of our friends have taken their service before and we could see how good they are. Anggun by Mastura charges $3288 for 10hrs of service and 3 different outfits and accessories, which to be honest is quite worth it considering the fact that their service is really, really good! So Alhamdulillah, we made our decision and already reserved our wedding date with them. Next step is to book an appointment date with them.

We also decided on the photographer for our pre-wedding and actual day. Now, for this I was the fussy one. I was really looking for someone who can deliver excellent quality and has good professionalism. I was at first torn between Fandy Razak and Blissphotocinema. We all know that Fandy Razak is a well-known photographer in Singapore. I am always impressed with his work and the photos he usually posts on his instagram. However, my fiance thought that the price was abit steep for a wedding event. So I then suggested Blissphotocinema. Now, Fandy Razak offers $3500 for 10 hr event and 4 hrs outdoor shoot whereby Blissphotocinema offers $2830 for also 10 hrs event and 4 hours outdoor. Now, we have never had friends working with either of this photographer. I know that both are very good photographers but being the fussy one, I prefer choosing someone that I know and have seen in person. So the last photographer that came to mind was Nuruddynn of Naf Images. Just recently, one of our close friends did a pre-wedding photo shoot with him and we also a part of the whole process. We were able to see how Nuruddynn does his job and yes, he is definitely professional and very hardworking. He carried the heaviest load yet I never saw him sigh or complain instead he was the most ‘on’ amongst us. Another of our friend recommended him to us too. I emailed him and to my surprise they have a new package now! Naf Images offer $2800 for 10hrs event and 6 hours outdoor! GOOD DEAL, RIGHT? It didn’t take long for the fiance and I  to make a decision. He was even prompt when replying our email. So so happy now that we have made a decision on a photographer.

So, Alhamdulillah! 2 things off the list (and many more to go) but at least that’s a first step considering how much I procrastinate to sit down and make wedding decisions.

Now I’m excited to do more bookings! HAHAH (:


Yeay Nak Dapat Rumah!!!

Checked the HDB website this morning only to receive more good news! We have been called to select our flat on June 10th, 2015! Alhamdulillah!!! This is goods news for us especially from the recent events we had to face (and still facing). Albeit our queue number is above quota, we dua that HDB won’t cancel out on us before the date reaches. We are really hoping to get a home of our own so please make dua for us too!

Thank you!

p/s sorry for the long hiatus. I have been down with some health issues which I will blog about it soon.


Wedding Inspiration Part Deux: Dusty Blue Theme Wedding

For months on end I have been planning (in my head) that I would love to have a Beige and Gold theme wedding. That means, everything will be in beige and gold – my dais, my venue decor, the cake, the table settings, berkat, bungai rampai, everything; until I went on Pinterest last night and found a new love for the colour Dusty Blue. Now I know, my mother will be the first to say that it’s gonna be a very “orang sakit” (sick person) colour but there’s something very endearing about the colour. I can already imagine my dress, my cake, my decor all in dusty blue with a tinge of gold. Hmm…


(photo: Source)


(photo: Source)

Dusty blue wedding invites….


(photo: Source)

Dusty Blue Bouquet


(photo: Souce)

My bridesmaids in Dusty Blue

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.35.48 pm

(photo: Source)

My cake in dusty blue and grey!


(Photo: Source)

Table settings in dusty blue


(photo: Source

You get the drift now… How lovely is this colour? I really would love to see my bridesmaid in a dusty blue dress and get my dais done in this colour too! I just need to find a decor company who is willing to do up everything in Dusty Blue. Suggestions, please!