Corsage Ideas

Currently looking through ideas for my bridesmaids corsage. Made an order with Cherriesmitten but have yet to give them an idea on how I would like the corsages to be customised. As always, went to Pinterest to look for some ideas and here’s what I’ve found:


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Wrist corsages:

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3b03f73c8ab847e3c090c608a35a4bb8.jpg   Theresa Furey Fine Art Wedding Photography

7c1a78f850cb062f50448c7b81821c4d.jpg   19b53394fda404d9f384e5c0e319a99c.jpg

I would most likely customise a corsage that looks like the last 4 pics above. So simple yet very elegant without having big, chunky flowers. I’m sure my bridesmaids would love it as well!

Time to send my ideas to Cherriesmitten then!

With love,



Wedding Inspiration Part Trois: It’s all about the Dais

Let’s talk about Dais! I have seen so many dais inspirations on the net. I have a rough idea on how I would like my dais to be on my wedding day. I love drapes on the backdrop with fresh flowers on its sides. Subtle colours of beige/bronze or dusty blue/sea foam. The dais I want should be elegant, easy on the eyes and nothing too gaudy! So here’s some of the inspirations I found on Pinterest:

(Photo: source)

     (Photo: source)

(Photo: source)

(Photo: Source)

(Photo: Source)


(Photo: source)

Aren’t all these dais beautiful? I could really go with the first and last picture. Now let’s see if I can find vendors in Singapore who can do dais as pretty as these. I’m looking into ISS Weddings, Jannah Daun Dco, Elly Weddings and Jentayu Wedding Gallery.

Time for me to enquire all these vendors and find out the packages they offer and I’ll write up a post about it next time!